New Service Request

Welcome to the Southside Public Water Authority Community. 

You will need to stop by our office (1401 Batesville Blvd.) in person and provide the following information to set up new service with us at an existing location on our system:

1. A driver's license or other photo ID.

2. A $60.00 water deposit.

3. If the account has sewer, you will need an additional $50.00 sewer deposit.

All deposits must be paid in full before service can be connected. Deposits can be paid by cash, check, money order, or credit/debit card. If using a credit/debit card, a nominal fee will be charged based on your deposit amount. If you are moving to an account that has water and sewer and plan to pay by check, please write a separate check for each deposit.


To transfer your current SPWA service to another location on our system, you will need to have your current account paid in full. All deposits will be transferred to your new account. If you are moving from a water only account to a sewered account, you will need to pay the $50.00 sewer deposit by cash, check, money order or credit/debit card (with fee) to move forward.


If you are needing to have a meter box set at a new location that currently does not have water, contact us to set up an appointment with Jared Richardson, Authority Assistant Manager. He will meet you at your location to discuss location and size of the meter, tapping fees, road bore requirements, etc. and you will receive a permit to move forward.

Tapping Fees:

5/8 x 3/4 ----- $700.00

1 Inch ----- $1,200.00

2 Inch ----- To Be Determined by Assistant Manager

Road Bore:

Will be discussed with assistant manager.

*You must have your permit with you to pay and set up your new account. Deposits are also due at time of account set up.